Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A new day

Well, I just don't know where to begin. Things did not work out as I had hoped with Greg's situation at work. God knows best and it's easy for me to acknowledge that in my head, but not as easy for me to acknowledge it in my heart sometimes. Like David, in the Psalms, I question why evil wins over good. Why does someone get away with doing wrong? Why does one who did right, get punished? It is not for me to question God, I just get a bit disappointed at times. I know He is in control!
As far as my work goes, no changes yet. I knew it could be a while. I don't mean to sound so mysterious but there are others involved. It will eventually be brought to light!
This Sunday is "One day to feed the world" at our church. It helps Convoy of Hope and the idea is to give one day's wages to help feed the world. My daughter, Kristen, is a waitress at Ruby Tuesday's. She works part time as she is in college. She made up her mind that whatever she made yesterday, she would give this Sunday! I'm so proud of her! Most of what she makes is in tips. She picked yesterday because she "closed", meaning she was the last waitress and closed the restaurant for the night, meaning better tips!
I keep praying for her as she has a heart for Him!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More drama

Sean is home safely from China and it seems that Amie and the kids managed without him. Still no change at work, but I knew it may take some time.
Some unfair drama going on with Greg, can't get into that either, but please be in prayer that God's will be done and that the truth will come out.