Thursday, November 20, 2014

21 Days

So, they say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I must be one of those very stubborn people because I don't seem to form habits quickly. You can see from my lack of posts that it does not come easily for me to form good habits. I've taken to working out again during my lunch hour at work. I have struggled with my weight for many, many years and it just doesn't get easier. Seems to me that's the way it is in my spiritual life as well. I struggle with the way I want to be vs the way I am. I want to be transformed. Paul says that we need to take up our cross daily. It is a daily action, not a once and done. God's mercies are new every morning. Each morning is a brand new start. And yet there is still a need for the past. I keep a small note book with my Bible and the devotional I am using at the time and I write prayer requests, things God lays on my heart,etc. I pray through these very morning and often times throughout the day. I can look back and see so many answered prayers in that little book! Often you don't realize how far you've come unless you look back to where you have been. On a side note, they showed the video of the struggle of 2013 for Greg and I, at church this past Sunday. Somehow, our story resonated with some folks at the church and that is so encouraging to me. I can look back over the past two years and see God's hand in everything! Until next time...

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Next Generation

Psalm 71:17-19 O GOD, You have taught me from my youth; and I still declare Your wondrous deeds. And even when I am old and gray, O GOD, do not forsake me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to all who are to come. For Your righteousness, O GOD, reaches to the heavens, You have done great things; O GOD, who is like You? What a calling! Not just for those who pastor or evangelize. This is for every mother, father, grand parent or mature christian. Until I declare You to my children and my grandchildren Lord! I need to pass on what God has done for me to those younger in years and younger in their faith. God is always faithful, He always provides, always loves, leads and guides. He shows up again and again! His mercy and grace are never failing and He pours it out on us so lavishly. I must tell of His goodness so others can see and know that He is God, there is proof in my life of how richly He blesses.This is my prayer as well, that I can declare to the next generation how mighty my GOD is and how He always comes through for me.It is never about what I have done, it is despite what I have done and only because of His great love for me, for His children, that He shows Himself all merciful and steadfast.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

His Name

Isaiah 9:6b ...And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. Oh how wonderful! I have never stopped to really consider those names individually! Counselor, the one who listens and counsels. We usually seek counseling when we are in a difficult situation. God is there, He is the wise and compassionate counsellor. He is Father. As children we seek our father for comfort, for direction, for strength. Mighty God. He is all powerful! He can do all things. Not only do we see the wise and softer side of God but we see the strong, powerful, super-hero side of Him! He is all things wrapped up into one God!I am so grateful for very side of Him! When I don't know what to say, I only need to say Jesus, there is power in the name!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Clarity in Direction

I was reading in my devotional a few days ago, and this line was in the prayer.....Lord, give me clarity in direction. Isn't it amazing what God uses to get our attention, to let us know that He is in control and involved in all aspects of our lives?! Greg and I are at a cross road right now. After an amazing year of His provision, this is a year of direction. Greg has an interview on Monday, so unsure what way to go. He wants his own business, but starting out is so tough. This opportunity presented itself and we ask, is this God's timing? How do we know what His plan is? I am fervently praying for clarity in direction. I pray that God would make His will so clear, but it isn't always black and white, is it? Sometimes we need to step out in faith, and that isn't always easy. Please pray with me that as we go forward, God will continue to lead us and that we will continue to seek His will. Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,and He will make your path straight.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


1 Thessalonians 5:23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. In my devotional, Growing in Grace, the writer emphasizes the word "preserved". I have done a lot of preserving. After preparing the fruit/vegetables, washing/cleansing, cutting to the desired size, removing debris like stems, seeds, skins, I place the prepared fruit/vegetable into jars and then into a hot water bath and boil. When the jars are removed, I place them on the counter over night. I listen for the "pop" to tell me the jar is sealed. In the same fashion, God has sealed my spirit, soul, body without blame at His coming! I am set apart, sealed and preserved for Him. Completely forgiven by His grace, preserved by His love and power. I pray that He will preserve me and help me to walk in faith.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 and New Beginnings

Wow! 2013 is behind and a new year has begun! What a year 2013 was for us! The beginning of the year saw Greg resign from his job of 15 years to start his own company. Shortly into his new venture, he cut his finger off of his dominant hand, requiring three surgeries, but the finger was saved! He was admitted to the hospital in early summer with high fevers and possible blood infection. My man who is NEVER sick! During that hospitalization, they ruled out the infection but while testing everything possible to see where the infection was, they found pulmonary nodules. I was unfairly terminated from my position of 7 years in July. My mom, who was diagnosed with Lewy-Body Disease 7 years ago, but showed no real signs of anything but some minor Parkinson's symptoms, started having some major medical issues in July. So while unemployed, I was able to help my parents as mom was requiring more and more care. Kristen went away to college at the end of August to Eastern University, a christian college that has really positively impacted her! Mom was in the ER/ hospital 8 times in July and August,her last stay she developed seizures and her weight had dropped 35 pounds since May. Greg had follow-up pulmonary studies which came back fine! Yay, no worries about the pulmonary nodules! Mom was sent to the nursing home right next to our property for Rehab. Dad spent all his time with her there, wearing out a path from his porch to the front door of the home! On the day we were supposed to bring mom home, she had a seizure and was transferred back to the hospital. A feeding tube was also put in through her stomach during this hospitalization as her weight was down to 85 pounds. Mom was doing so poorly, we weren't sure she would be with us at Christmas. Mom went back to the nursing home for more therapy following that hospitalization and came home the Friday before Christmas. She is still very weak, unable to walk and her mind is sketchy. She has unrealistic fears and doesn't remember names but seems to recognize faces most of the time.She requires total care which my dad does. But she is eating and we have not had to use the feeding tube except for a few medications which are hard for mom to take. Josh had a great year, still living in Emmaus and working at Ward's Oriental Carpets. He received a good raise and benefits this year. He started his own side business doing parties at Penn State main and has been booked for several since starting. He makes digital music and DJs. He is still with his girlfriend of 2+ years. She is finishing her degree at Drexel this spring.He also has a cat, James, who keeps him company. Kristen loves Eastern, as I mentioned above. She decided to run Cross Country and knocked 6 minutes off of her time from the start of the season to the end! She loves Spartan races, Tough Mudders, Color Runs, any kind of challenge. She is doing very well in school and I have seen such a positive change in her relationship with Jesus! Greg had very few jobs in December, next to none. But God knew and provided as I started my new job at the end of November. I absolutely love this job and could not have imagined anything better! I have weekends and holidays off, something unheard of in nursing! I wear jeans to work and it is only 7 miles from our home! I was traveling an hour to/from work with my previous job. In July,I was wrongly accused of taking 4 controlled substance pills.I won't get into details but this employer reported it to the nursing board and from July until December 30th, it hung over my head as unfinished business, threatening to destroy my nursing license of 29 years. I was interrogated by an inspector from the nursing board several times. They requested records from my attending physician and the surgeon who repaired my shoulder in October 2012. I had to undergo a psychological evaluation, drug and alcohol testing and much waiting! I knew that I was innocent, but waiting for the authorities to see it was rough. God is faithful! My relationship with Him has strengthened and grown this year as there was nothing I could do but wait and trust Him. Finally, late in the evening on December 30th as I went through our mail, there was a letter from the prosecutor stating that they had closed my case! Greg and I both felt that this was our year of hope, and as each challenge presented itself, we turned to Him and thanked Him for the story we would be able to tell! I couldn't worry or I would have folded in on myself. I could only put this year in His hands and trust. Great is Thy Faithfulness is a hymn that I claimed in August. "Great is thy faithfulness, oh God, our Father. There is no shadow of turning in Thee. ALL I have needed Thy hand has provided, great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me." We did not have in abundance, but we had what we needed, when we needed. It will take us a bit to get back on our feet financially, but He has been faithful in giving us what we needed.January promises many jobs for Greg.It promises new challenges, new growth in Him and opportunity abounds! What a year 2013 was, what a year 2014 will be! Stay tuned!