Saturday, October 23, 2010

God's timing

Decision made, but I can't get into it just yet. I feel at peace with it and Greg and I both agree that we're in a different stage of our lives as the kids are older and very independent. Sorry, this will all make sense when I can finally reveal what's going on. I'm waiting on things to happen at work, that are out of my control at the present time. And yes, this decision is work related.
Today is Michael's birthday. He would be 23! Greg and I will be heading down to place some flowers. We know he's in heaven but placing flowers is more for our benefit.
Mom and Dad are in Florida with Aunt Gail and Uncle Earl so Greg and I have Spike and Patch. They are not used to waiting on our unique schedule so it's a little more difficult. Max is so used to just "going with the flow". If I work 10 hrs, he eats when one of us gets home. With Patch and Spike, we have to make sure someone is there to feed them and let them out.
More to come...

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