Saturday, April 11, 2009

Over Due

It's been too long between posts! Just too much going on! Greg's mom and stepdad have sold their home up here in Chalfont as well as their home in Florida but they bought a new home in Florida. Greg's been helping pack up their belongings in the PA home. Barb and Gene have a gorgeous home in Chalfont and LOTS of things. We have gratefully accepted some furniture and decorative items. My 35+ yr old sofa is now gone! Yeah! It was ripped and stained but now we have the one from Barb and Gene and it is wonderful! Our sofa in the basement was trash picked (from someone the kids know).It is nice to have some real furniture! As Greg brought carfulls of things home, we've been busy finding places for everything!
Greg has been so busy and next week will be driving the moving van down to Florida for them. Pray for safety.
My husband is so wonderful! He helps everyone! He is a technology nut! He had been talking to some man regarding a computer, (Greg buys old computers, fixes them and resells them to make a couple extra bucks). Well in the process of the back and forth conversing about the computer this guy is selling, Greg learns from him that he is unemployed with 3 kids and a wife. Now Greg is trying to help him get a job! My husband is just something else!
Easter is tomorrow. What a joyous remembrance! Yesterday was Good Friday and it was a bit sad thinking about what Christ did for me, so undeserving I am, but so grateful! Tomorrow, I get to think about His conquering of death! Nothing holds Him back!

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  1. Hey Sue. Just catching up on some of your blogs. Has Greg already left for Florida? If he needs a pit stop to rest up on his trip he's welcome to spend the night at our house. Just let me know.