Monday, August 26, 2013

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Great is Thy faithfulness... Greg and I took Kristen to college this past Saturday. Kristen and I drove down early with a jeep full of her things, wondering how the two of us were going to carry everything up to her room on the second floor. I have to say, worry is a waste of time! We pulled in to Eastern University and we were blown away! Everything was organized from volunteer parents directing us where to go, where to park, handing out water bottles, to getting out of our car in front of her dorm and being met by more volunteers and the boys Lacrosse team, ready to empty and carry everything from our car to her room! We checked in with her RA and by that time, the boys had all her belongings in her room! It was wonderful! The entire day was fantastic and welcoming. Kristen and I unpacked and arranged all her things, made her bed, hung decorations and pictures. We went and got her school ID and parking permit, ate lunch and had maybe 20 minutes before Greg came down around 2:40pm. There was a parent's lounge where I went while she took care of getting her ID and parking permit. In the parent's lounge was refreshments, papers to help with our adjustment of letting go, a place to write a letter to our sons/daughters which the school will deliver to her room today and some stones. Stones? Yes, small colorful stones that we could take and keep in our pocket so that every time we feel that stone, we can pray for our student. Greg, Kristen and I headed to the meeting for parents and students at 3pm and it opened with everyone singing Great is Thy Faithfulness. I haven't sung that hymn in so long and didn't think much about it other than thinking how wonderful it is to have Kristen choose a christian college. Everyone was so nice and really made us feel at home. After that meeting, there was a small reception before Greg and I headed home at 5pm, leaving Kristen for the first time away from home. Yesterday was really busy and this morning as I sat and had my devotions, it hit me! No, not the sadness of being away from Kristen, but the words to that hymn! Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh God our Father. All I have needed Thy hand has provided! We are going through so much right now. I am still unemployed and waiting for some extremely stressful things to work themselves out, Greg is newly self-employed, mom is getting so much worse, so quickly and Kristen is at college.God knew that dad would need more help with mom at this time and I am here to help. God knows we are struggling financially and has the perfect solution, we just need to wait and trust. God knew we were missing our "baby" and yesterday's message was on parenting and the empty nest syndrome. God is in control and great is His faithfulness. Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed His hand has provided. What an awesome reminder!

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