Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Shadow of His Wings

Psalm 36:7" How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! The people take refuge in the shadow off Your wings." I'm seeking refuge in Him. It's probably not a good day for me to post as I don't want to come across negative. Dad, my brother and my sister and I did a conference call and have decided to put a feeding tube in mom. She's down to about 90 lbs. and not eating. It is so hard to get her medicine into her, she spits it out. This is really hard on my dad. He sits with her at the rehab center from 7:30 in the morning until the staff puts her to bed at night. Most of the time she is fine but days like yesterday and today are tough because she tells him to leave and this morning hit him in the mouth. It's the Parkinson's playing tricks on her mind but it tears my heart. She has always been so loving and kind. Dad reads the Bible to her and prays with her but I know she doesn't grasp anything right now. Yesterday, dad and I were able to get mom to eat a jello which felt like such an accomplishment, today, nothing. On a positive note, the follow-up CT scan that Greg had done last Friday was clear! Thank you Jesus! Whatever was going on in his lungs in June/July has resolved. In our online Bible Study, the hashtag this week is #Movingforward. The author spoke about being intentional in listening to the "right" voice. We will hear many voices in any given situation. When going through troubled times, I need to be still and seek Him, listening for His still, small voice to speak truth in my life and in my heart. I picture myself still and small, nestled under His wings, listening for His voice of love, mercy and kindness to lead me in the path of His choosing. It is in taking refuge in Him that I feel the most at peace, the most comfortable with the situations in my life. I don't have to do it alone, I only need to hide in Him, to claim His promises as His child, knowing that it is His strength that will get me through! But even so, I do not want to stay rooted in uncertainty but move forward knowing that my God will perform wonderful things in my life.He is my all in all!

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