Saturday, March 7, 2009


I watched a vimeo on Pastor Pete's site that shows his boys, all excited because daddy was home. Do you remember those days? I do! I remember being so excited when my dad got home from work, running to the door and shouting. I also remember my kids jumping up and down and yelling when their dad came home. (Yes, even though my youngest is 17 yrs old, I do remember!) This got me thinking. How do I respond when it's time for me to meet, daily, with my Heavenly Father? Am I excited and can't wait to spend time with Him, to figuratively climb onto His lap? Or do I act as an adult instead of a child, and nonchalantly sit down at the table with Him to spend a few minutes with Him? How did Pastor Pete feel when he came home and his boys were so glad to see him? He must feel happy, warm and loved! How does God feel when I anxiously look forward to spending time with Him, just as a child anxiously awaits his father's return home from work each day?
Oh how I want to be like a child... Just a thought...

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