Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Musings

It's Monday! Not my favorite day of the week, but I got through it. My sister got a job that fits in with her school schedule. Not much, but it's something!
I am a control freak. That is something that I've been working on, letting go and letting God. It's actually getting easier! So often I'd give a worry to God, tell Him it's in His hands, then reach up and take it back again to worry over! I think my son is actually teaching me the concept of letting go. He's 19 yrs old. I cannot control his every move or action. He drives and hangs with friends. I cannot be there every minute (nor would he like me to be!) I put him in God's hands, trusting that God's will be done, and I'm actually comfortable with that. Hey, it's a start!

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