Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Sorry it's been so long between posts! Last weekend, Greg, Kristen and I tackled the attic! Wow! How does one accumulate so much stuff? We got it done and it is very empty. This weekend we tackled our bedroom and closet. Doesn't sound like much but I removed 3 large trash bags of clothes for Goodwill, 4 bags of trash, 3 smaller bags of stuff for our barn sale and changed over my summer clothes, putting some winter sweaters upstairs until fall.I cleaned out every drawer and shelf of mine and I'm proud to say, got rid of more than half of it! I'm a saver so that's an accomplishment! Or clothes... do you ever take something out of the drawer or that's hanging in your closet and think "I may wear this again. or I might need this for some occassion" Well, if I haven't worn it all year.... GoodBye! Greg's been cleaning out the barn, replanting yews in front of mom and dad's porch and he wants to finish their basement by June. Kristen graduates from high school June 7th so plans are in the works for that. Her senior prom is May 16 and Corey's is May 8. The only good thing is that she gets to wear her dress twice. For the price, she should get married in it! Tickets for the prom are astronomical! It costs so much to graduate! I don't remember spending that much when I graduated. Josh is getting a job at KMart. Whatever works! He and Summer are still together. Well, I'll post again, but I'm beat! Night all!

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