Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Part 2

Well, this past weekend Greg and I went through our bedroom and walk-in closet! Argh! I worked Saturday so we had Sunday afternoon to spend on every drawer, shelf, nook and cranny! Three more bags of clothes for Goodwill. How much we accumulate! Greg and I were talking about this, seems there's a human longing for "stuff". Oh how I want to be content in whatever state I'm in. I don't want so much "stuff", literally and figuratively in my life. I want to simplify and prioritize. Wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of the "stuff" in our lives as easily as the stuff in our closets?
Update on Chloe, no more seizures! She is seeing a neurologist, so we'll know more soon, hopefully. Update on Josh, his criminal background check (a misdemeanor), kept him from getting the job at KMart, back to the drawing board! Update on Kristen, graduation is June 7! Corey's Sr Prom is Friday and Kristen's is May 16th.

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