Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to Almost Normal

Hi all! Josh is still not right. He's coughing, has terrible stomach pains and looks awful. I don't know. Kristen is back from Ocean City Md where she had a great time despite the entire week of clouds! Corey leaves for Penn State Main at the end of this week, so she is a bit sad about that. Josh's girlfriend, Summer turned 16 yesterday. Father's Day was this past Sunday. I am grateful for my dad and the example he has been for me. I love him to pieces! My husband has also had to step into an "instant dad" role and I'm so proud of him. But I knew when I met him and saw him with the kids that he would be awesome with them and he is. He invests in them and it will eventually pay off, is even now.
I can't believe the sun is finally shining! Ok, you know how we all were talking about how depressing it is when it rains for like a week straight? We've had 40 days of rain since April! Compare that to how it must feel when we go a week without His Son! Totally depressing! Everyone was saying that they were tired, feeling blah, lacking energy, etc. The same happens when we don't regularly meet with Him. Our "sonshine" who gives energy, feeds us spiritually and emotionally and keeps us "healthy" in our point of view and the way we live! I don't know about you but I always feel lighter, more energetic and ready to tackle things when it's spring/summer.I can only hope that I crave Him as much as our bodies crave the sun!

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