Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Long Day

Wow! I just got home from working 16 hrs.I'm beat! Greg took Josh and his two closest friends, Buddy and Mikey, up to the cabin until Friday. Guy time! Josh has been very sick since early Sunday morning. He was running a temp of over 102, dropping to 101.7 with Tylenol and 800mg of Ibuprofen.Awful body aches, nauseas, wicked sore throat and cough.I took him to the hospital on the advice of our family doc to be tested for swine flu and Influenza A and B.I knew he had strep throat but because the doctors are following the CDC guidelines, they can't see patients in the office if swine flu is suspected. After many calls to our doc and two days later with two negative reports of swine flu, he was able to be seen by the doc who confirmed my diagnosis of strep throat.We are waiting for the final result of the swine flu test as it takes a week for a true reading.I don't think I've ever seen Josh that sick. He just laid, no energy, slept alot and couldn't eat or drink anything. I managed to get him to eat a few ice pops here and there (2-3 per day) but whenever he tried, he would vomit. I was also worried because Josh is prone to strep throat and I could tell by looking at it that he had strep and I had to fight to get him on antibiotics. Strep isn't something you let go untreated!Today is the first day he feels almost human again.
Kristen is still in Ocean City, Maryland and having a wonderful time. The weather hasn't been so hot as it's been overcast every day, but they are having fun.She comes home Saturday. She misses her mama or mutty as she calls me (german for mother).
Prayer request for us that we can get on solid financial ground. Right now we're sliding. I'm salary and can only get OT when I work the floor after my eight hours or on weekends. My position consumes 50-60 hours a week. I had 20 hrs of overtime with my last check which really helps, but we feel like we're not getting ahead. I'm working 12 hrs this Saturday, but I'm not getting younger and it's hard not having a day off. Greg does not get paid well in his position. He's trying to take on side jobs but is limited in what time he can do this as he works 10 hr days not including travel time. Some of his jobs are up to 2 hrs away. Plus he's been trying to finish my parents basement.Then he can start the lawyer's barn and bring in some extra. But I don't get to see him much when the projects begin.This too shall pass but when you're wondering where the money is going to come from just to buy food or put gas in the car to get to work, the only thing we can do is rely on Him to truly meet our needs.God is good, and we're learning to truly lean on Him.

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