Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's been way too long! I'm swamped! Mom and Dad are in the Outer Banks with siblings and cousins, a wonderful reunion for them. Josh is still job hunting and having a hard time. KMart wouldn't hire him because of his misdemeanor! Poor kid really wants to work. Please pray the he finds something. Also, my nephew Stephen went out to dinner with mom, dad, Josh and his girlfriend Summer. Mom said that Josh spoke of Jesus and was very good with his responses to Stephen, leading him down the right path. Please continue to pray that God would draw Josh's heart to Him and use him in a mighty way. Kristen got a job at Auntie Ann's Pretzels, not her favorite, but it will do until she finds something else. She graduates this weekend! Sunday at Stabler Arena. She is still with Corey. He leaves for Penn State main at the end of June. Greg and I would like to get down to Georgia to see my brother and his family this summer sometime. Please pray that if it is His will, we'll find a way to be able to do this. Greg is busier than ever. He took a week's vacation to get Mom's basement started and got a lot done. He is redoing a barn for a lawyer and will continue on that on his weekends. Our church wants him to help redo the sound room. He works in the sound room every other Sunday. Things are busy, but life is good right now. I'll try to post some graduation pics after Sunday and to post more frequently.

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