Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So much has been going on! Greg, Josh and I went to the cabin for the weekend to spend the fourth with Greg's family. Josh and Greg had some quality time together and Josh is really coming around. Kristen had to work so she stayed home, but she got to see Corey, who was back from college for the weekend to see his uncle who is moving to Indiana. I had some quiet time on Sunday while Josh and Greg went 4-wheeling and fishing. It was beautiful sitting by the creek with my Bible! I'm working a lot of OT for the next few weeks. Hard but needed.
For the past year, Kristen has been reading her Bible on her own. She has asked good questions. Josh shared something with me the other day. He told me that Kristen had shown him something "neat" in the New Testament, that she had been reading. First sign of interest!Josh and Kristen have always been close, but I see their relationship growing. Josh admires his sister and Kristen loves her brother! Please pray that God continues to use Kristen in Josh's life. He listens to her, more than if "mom" would tell him something!
Please pray for my brother, Sean and his family as he is away on another business trip to Taiwan or China, not sure which. Amie has the 3 kids by herself which is difficult and it's also hard on Sean being away from his family for extended periods of time. Pray for safety in his travels also.

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  1. Hey sis! I just came across the bookmark to your page and thought it has been too long since i've checked in on you. Sorry to hear that Josh has been so sick. Seems like things are getting better for him now...praise God!
    I loved reading about Kristen's walk and her sharing with Josh.
    Thanks also for checking in on Amie while I was away. Micah's sink overflow fiasco was quite a mess. Glad Amie had friends to rush to her side here. I'm back now. This last trip I was in Singapore. Nothing compares to coming back to the US though.
    Can't wait to see you again! Love you.