Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Weekend!

It's Saturday! Passion Fest is today. Also a garage sale to help with Gavin's medical expenses. Josh is working today. He is enjoying his job and getting back on his feet. Pray for continued work in his heart, to seek Him. Kristen picked Corey up from State College yesterday, then on their way home, picked me up at work. Corey is home for the weekend and has to head back tomorrow. My car is in the shop as it broke down on the turnpike coming home from work on Wed night. Radiator and another $1000 bill! Kristen works tonight but Corey has a paper to write for Monday so that works well. We're all going to the shore tomorrow, as a family, for a couple of hours.Kristen, Corey, Josh, Summer, Greg and I! Headed to Island Beach State Park. We go there because you pay by the car instead of buying individual day-beach badges and they have a nice shower house/ snack bar. It's great for just the day.
Morning Star has been participating in Angel Food Ministries. I've purchased food through this the past two months and am quite pleased. You get $50 worth of groceries for $30 and can purchase other packages that really save money. I drove to church last night to get my July box and I'm thrilled!
Enough for updates. Have a great weekend!

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