Thursday, July 18, 2013

All Sorts of New

Once again , it's been too long between posts! Like the title states, we have all sorts of new in our lives! Kristen is gearing up to go too Eastern University at the end of August. She is going in as a Junior since she has so many credits. She will also be running cross country for EU. Greg resigned from his job at the end of January to start his own business. That has brought mostly ups but a few downs. He nearly cut his finger off in March, has had three surgeries on it and is still going for therapy. Then he became ill with 103 fever and was hospitalized for several days. Never found out what caused the fever but they found several small nodules in his lungs and enlarged lymph nodes near his trachea. He is scheduled for a biopsy tomorrow morning under general anesthesia so prayers would be appreciated. I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job in case management or insurance. My back just won't handle hard work.We also got a new puppy! Boomer, our 9 wk old golden retriever, has been quite the handful! Pray for God's guidance as we continue this new phase of our lives.

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